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M6-VETS provides a full complement of professional information technology services. We’re laser focused on three interrelated service areas: software, infrastructure, and security. Whether you are a running a business or a government program, you can rest assured that we’ll design and manage each project to the same exacting standards our military clients have always expected.

Agile Software Development

Web, mobile, and enterprise applications

Continuous integration and configuration management

Requirement Analysis and Quality Assurance 

Secure Code Development  

IT Infrastructure Management

IT System Engineering & Security Services 

Production Operations Support 

Information Assurance  

Program Management 

Scope Management Support 
Independent Technical Studies 

Strategic Planning 

Budgeting Support 

Program Governance 

Industries Served


Proven past performance for the Navy and the Veterans Administration


World-class aerospace and aviation industry expertise


IT solutions for the manufacturing sector’s complex logistical challenges

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